• MaHaRaNa’ PENSKY MARTENS FLASH POINT APPARATUS with Motorised Stirrer RPM-90-120

    This is widely used for determination of closed cup Flash Point of Fuel Oil, cut back asphalts, other viscous material and suspension of solids having a flash point about 490C(1200F).The apparatus serve the purpose according to IP 34, ASTM-D-93-58T, IS-1448(P:I) 1960(P:21) and IS 1209/1958 method B. The apparatus consists of Brass Test cup with handle removable cup cover with spring operated rotating shutter having piolet jet, stirrer with flexible shaft. The assembly rests in Air Bath which is covered with Dome shape metal top. The cup is fitted with insulated handle and locking arrangement near cup plange. The assembly rests on a round shaped heater with different temperature regulation system suitable for operation on 220 Volts AC mains.

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    Used for determining of the closed cup Flash point of Petroleum Products,their mixtures, others liquids & Paints having Flash Point below 700C. The apparatus consists of one brass cupand cover fitted with shutter mechanism test flame arrangement(Oil test jet or Gas test jet) and stirrer, placed on a water bath made of Stainless Steel double walled. The outer jecket of the water bath is fitted with a stand. For electrically heated apparatus,heater is fitted to the stand the heat of which may be controlled different temperature regulation system of operated on 220 Volts AC mains. For Gas heated model the drum is heated by a burner.(without burner).

    Sold By: Test Shop

    Test Product


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