This apparatus is used for penetration test on a wide variety of materials such as grease, Petroleum, Bitumen, Tar, Wax, Polish, food stuff, Rubber asphalts and pharmaceuticals Creams.A given force is applied over a given of a millimeter and expressed as penetration.It consists of a head support mounted on a vertical rod which can be adjusted for height. A rack and pinion and pointer assembly provides fine adjustment of a needle tip to sample and incorporates a slipping clutch mechanism which make reading of Penetration and subsequent resetting of a sample and accurate operation. The dial is graduated from 0-400 in on tenth millimeter Sub Division. The instrument is supplied with two samples containers made of aluminium. The penetration is the distance in millimeter that a standard needle penetrates vertically into a sample of the material under fixed conditions of loading time and temperature. This instrument measures the reading on round dial fitted on a Aluminium Painted stand having adjustable penetration needle, holder sample container and transfer dish.

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