Our Contract

Terms of Use

Aladdindiret.com is an Advertising platform or social media platform,
where buyers and seller connect and gather in one place in terms of
exploring and expanding their businesses.
Here we let people connect by their own. It is your responsibility to
review these Terms of Use periodically for any further updates/
changes. Your continued use of the platform will indicate that you are
onboard with the update and revisions. As long as you abide by the
Terms of Use, we grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-negotiable,
limited privilege to enter and use the platform.

Account and Registration
When you will use the platform, you shall be responsible for maintain
the confidentially of your Display name and Password and you will be
solely responsible for any activities occur under your account. Your
phone number and email number will be your primary identifier on the
As for the sellers, there will be a trial period when register for the first
time, to get to know the usage of t e platform. After the trial period is
over there will be register fee applicable for further continuation use of
the platform. Note, Trial period will not always be available upon
registration. It will be only valid when there will be a trial period
For the buyers they can register under Aladdindirect.com anytime they
want with no fees/charges.

When and while using the platform both buyers and seller can
communicate us via email. By agreeing with this you are giving consent
of communicating us only through electronic records from time to time
and when required.
Transaction and Communication
This is a platform that buyers and seller uses to interact with each other
for their trade or transactions. Aladdindirect.com is and cannot be a
medium to control in any manner ant transactions between the buyers
and sellers.
 All commercial or contractual terms are used by and agreed to
buy the sellers and buyers.
Any terms include without price range, payment method, shipping
cost, date and time of and mode of delivery, warranty of the
products etc. Aladdindirect.com does not have any control or
determine what’s been offered and accepted between buyers and
 Before placing orders or transactions buyers should verify the
authenticity of the seller along with the products. And also discuss
the price, check product warranty, and quality to avoid scam or
any loss. As Aladdindirect.com is only a social media or advertising
platform any misconduct will not be upon the platform.
 Aladdindirect.com doesn’t assure a warranty for any products in any
manners such as quality, value, durability, etc.
 Aladdindirect.com is not responsible for any breach of contract
between buyers and sellers.
 A platform is only a platform to interact or to connect with other
traders and buyers. This platform is only providing communication
to reach wider to expand or to explore own businesses.

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